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Currently we are accepting applications but are not 

actively hiring. If you are the right person, please 

reach out via email...

Or you can fill out the info below...

Employees are responsible for getting to and from work. No exceptions. We will 

not pick up or drop off.

We work outdoors in ALL weather conditions. Spring and Fall are our busiest seasons, and we will need you available to work when you are scheduled.


browser, you may not get notified that your questionnaire was sent. 

Please send a followup e-mail to if you have any 

questions. Thank you!:



Address, City, State, Zip*

Contact Phone Number

Email Address*

How did you learn of us?*

Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?

Have you been convicted of a felony?

Are you willing to have a background check?

Are you willing to take a drug test?

Can you provide proof of a Valid Drivers license?

Who are your last 3 employers and how long did you work there? Why did you leave?*

Do you have any limits on your availability to work? Please explain:*

What type of Landscaping experience do you have?*

Have you ever plowed Snow?

Please list any equipment that you are experienced with. Be as specific as possible.*

Have you ever driven a pickup truck with a trailer?

What type of position are you looking for?*

What type of pay are you looking for?*

What would you like to ask us?*



ECLIPSE Landscaping

Phone: 860-938-1751


Hours of Operation (Usually)

Mon-Fri: 8-5pm

Sat 8-2 but sometimes longer and occasionally we take the day off.

Sun: Closed

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