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Lawn Mowing and
 Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing -
Weekly, Bi-weekly,  On Call, Vacation Coverage, and One Time.

Our Mow service always includes Mowing, Trimming, and Clean-up.

Spring Clean-up

Spring Clean-up is essential for the health of your lawn. It also makes your yard look great!

We remove all debris, including sticks and leaves, from turf, gardens, decks, patios, pools, and paved areas of your yard. We either remove the debris from your yard or put it into your compost area (lower cost).
Edging & Mulching

Brown, Black, Red
Bark Mulch Installation

New Mulch Applications

Old Mulch Removal if needed

Top Dressing existing Beds

Professional Hand Edging

Plantings and Bed Installations

Seasonal Colors

Flower Installations

Bush and tree plantings

New Bed Installations

Foundation Plantings

Island Plantings

Pool Plantings

Fence Plantings

FALL Leaf Clean-up
and/or Leaf Removal

Weekly, Bi-weekly, and One Time

We clean the whole yard

Removal to your compost pile
 or off site

Residential and Commercial

* If properly cut, clippings do not add to thatch. They are mostly water and contain nutrients, especially nitrogen which is food for the soil. The cut out portion of the mown grass is about 90% water so it begins to decompose almost immediately after hitting the ground. *

Weeding and Bed Maintenance

Remove weed
s from flower bed

Perennial Maintenance

Bulb Plantings

Plant selection

Bed Design
Bush Trimming, Hedges,
Pruning and Shaping


Pruning and Shaping

Hedge Trimming

Core Aeration

Soil compacts with Rainfall, Watering, Mowing, Normal Foot Traffic, Etc.. Compacted soil may not contain enough oxygen to allow for healthy turf plant growth. Core aerating cuts finger sized plugs of soil and turf out of the lawn which allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of the plant enabling the roots to grow deeper and produce a                                                          more vigorous lawn.

Over-seeding your existing lawn with new seed is imperative to replace dying grass and to maintain the density of the turf. The best time to over-seed is in the spring and early fall. Over-seeding is highly recommended after De-thatching and Aeration.


Excess thatch develops when dead organic matter (grass stems, crowns, dead roots, and debris) builds up faster than it decomposes. If your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it - it may have excessive thatch. Heavy thatch prevents water from reaching the roots, incubates disease and shelters pests. 

De-thatching, combined with Aeration and Over-seeding, will help to alleviate this by lifting thatch to the surface..

Lawn Installation and Lawn Renovations/Repairs

Lawn Evaluations & Recommendations
Lawn Installations
Plow Damage Repairs
Lawn Patching

Other Services
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Light Brush Clearing and Debris Removal

Storm Damage Clean-up

Stone, Loam and Mulch Applications

Cleaning Fence of Overgrowth

Winter Services

Limited Availability but we do offer COMMERCIAL & Residential
Snow Plowing,  Shoveling, and Ice Melt Applications

Installation of Winter Deer Fence Protection for Bushes and Arborvitae